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ANI Screener Per User Blacklist Forward To Extension

Route calls based on the Caller ID of the caller. Calls can be configured to be disconnected, transferred to voicemail, or transferred to another extension.

Advanced Call Forwarding Date & Time Scheduling (Find Me Follow Me)

Forward calls with enhanced scheduling options where you can pick the dates, times and frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly).

Call Detail Reporting

Monitor and analyze call details and history to inform supervisors, advise staff and improve customer experience. Call reporting includes caller ID, dialed number, call duration, transferred/forwarded and more.

Call Forwarding

Allows calls to be answered when a user is away from their desk or at an alternative location by forwarding callers to internal extensions or external phone numbers.

Directed Call Pickup

Pickup an incoming call on your phone for another user by dialing a star code.

Forward on Call Reject

Send callers to a predetermined location rather than voicemail on a rejected incoming call.

nCloud Connect Web User Portal

Comprehensive web user portal allows you to efficiently manage your user and administrative information.

Call Reporting

View System CDR’s in User Portal.

Unified Messaging

Take advantage of Voicemail to Email and access your messages from anywhere.

Voicemail with Management Portal

Read, listen and manage voicemail from a single web portal.


Reduce and optimize office space by allowing users to log into a shared phone where they retain their extension and personal settings.

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