Increase customer satisfaction, boost agent productivity, and grow your business with our scalable contact center solutions. Whether you have a small or large operation, we have the solution to fit your business needs.

nCloud Contact Center Lite

A solution for the SMB market to efficiently manage call center operations and boost employee productivity.

Distribute calls in a systematic workflow that improves agent efficiency.

Music on Hold, Break In, Welcome and Goodbye Audio

  • Agent with the most talk time
  • Agent with the least talk time
  • Agent longest idle
  • Agent with most calls
  • Random
  • Ring-all agents
  • Round robin

Generate historical reports to track productivity the boost future call usage.

Offer an individual agent code for secure login into the system.

Record inbound queue calls for monitoring and training purposes automatically or with our ad hoc feature to improve the customer experience.

Listen, whisper, barge on live calls. Monitor queues and agents in real-time with access to call recordings for training and quality assurance.

nCloud Contact Center Enterprise

Enterprise level contact center solutions to enhance customer engagement, increase agent productivity and improve overall operational efficiency.

Interface with customers who prefer text-based communication using email and chat queues.

Connect with your customers using automatic notifications via SMS, Email, or Voice.

Improve performance and deliver efficient customer service by organizing queues based on levels of importance.

Allow customers to save their place in line and reduce call hold time with the callback feature.

Gather customer feedback with post-call surveys to improve customer service.

Increase resolution times by diverting calls to the most appropriate agent to answer the customer’s query.

Generate customized call report for enhanced customer service management that improves overall customer experience.

Guarantee Quality assurance for your customers by accessing agent calls, instant messages, and screen recordings.

Get comprehensive metrics on the dashboard to supervise agent performance.

Coach agents on live calls with a Whisper, or join the call with the Barge feature.

Utilize additional tools such as a desktop app, Chat, Caller ID Selection, and CRM integration to improve business communication and boost customer service.

Don’t need all the bells and whistles?

Our Unify + bundle includes enhanced call routing to offer an alternative to our robust contact center solutions. This call routing solution includes organizing incoming calls via queues with smart distribution strategies and custom messaging to maintain a professional experience.